After Arsovska, Toshkovski also announced: Will the Luna Park at SC "Boris Trajkovski" installed without a permit be closed?

Installation of the Luna Park at SC "Boris Trajkovski": Screenshot from a video of the City of Skopje

On the area in front of the "Boris Trajkovski" sports center these days, as every year, an amusement park has been set up again, which, as the City of Skopje warned, was set up without appropriate documents and permits and without the necessary documentation that guarantees the safety of the props.

Three days ago, the mayor Danela Arsovska pointed out that it was about the company "Disneyland Requisites" and that the City of Skopje, within the framework of its competences, carried out surveillance, took measures and punished the legal entity, which despite this continued to work. She called on all competent institutions to act as soon as possible, because the safety of children and all other visitors is in question.

Today, Technical Minister Panče Toškovski announced on Facebook that, acting on a tip-off, the Economic and Computer Crime Unit at SVR Skopje in coordination with officials from the State Market Inspectorate, the Public Revenue Administration and a construction inspector from the Municipality of Karpos went to the field and took specific appropriate measures and activities within the scope of its competence and powers.

On the part of the inspection services, based on the measures and activities taken and the ascertained factual situation, Minutes on the ascertained situation have been drawn up, while an authorized construction inspector from the Municipality of Karposh has initiated a procedure for the ascertained irregularities, after which concrete measures will be taken in the direction of removing them. , ceasing to perform the activity, as well as dislocating the requisites - announced Toškovski.

The amusement park operates at full capacity from Saturday to today, and in the evening hours it is full of visitors, primarily children and young people. Currently, no one guarantees their safety. Let's hope that this year will not repeat the same thing that happens every year - despite the appeals and the lack of permits, the Luna Park will be able to work smoothly throughout the summer season.

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