After 50 years, the investigation into the death of Pablo Neruda has been opened: it is believed that he was murdered

Pablo Neruda / Photo: Profimedia

The death investigation of the famous Chilean poet and Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda is again opened after 50 years.

The court in Chile has announced that it will try again to solve the mystery of Neruda's death.

The Nobel laureate reportedly died of prostate cancer in 1973, but many believe he was actually poisoned during Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship.

He planned to testify against Pinochet and his dictatorship from exile in Mexico.

The Chilean court said in a statement that "the investigation is not over because there are precise procedures that can be carried out to clarify the facts," AFP reported.

Last December, the judge rejected the request of Neruda's relatives to reopen the case, but now the situation has changed, it is written "Sky News" (Sky News).

Experts from Canada, Denmark and Chile have reportedly found evidence that Neruda was poisoned. In his body they found a dangerous poison that causes paralysis and death.

Manuel Araja, his driver and personal assistant, claimed for years that the poet was poisoned.

Pablo Neruda's grandson claims: The poet was poisoned by a deadly bacteria

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