After 164 love encounters, she found her soulmate: I treated going out as work...

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Coming out in the world of love can be a challenge for many, but one brave woman has shared her experience in the hope that her story will help others looking for their soulmate.

After 164 dates, she met the man she eventually married, and now she wants to share her lessons learned with others, writes "Mirror".

In her post, the woman reveals that she spent her 20s in long-term relationships before deciding to get serious about dating.

Through a two-year journey that included love, passion, disappointment and hopes, at meeting number 164 she finally found her soul mate.

"I gave 150 percent and treated going out as work. It was a two-year whirlwind of love, passion, disappointment, hope, frustration, insecurity, self-doubt and general exhaustion. Finally, love encounter number 164 ended with my husband,” she said.

Her post sparked a variety of comments and questions, but many found it helpful. In addition, she advises that a short first date, such as a drink or a walk, rather than dinner, can be too long if it turns out that you have nothing in common.

"Dinners are too much of a commitment," she emphasized.

As for meeting topics, she suggested a mix of fun topics and deeper conversations.

"And last but not least, let them know where you stand with everything, what you think about the meeting, give a compliment. If it feels good, say you're excited to meet each other, maybe make plans to meet up in the future. Suggest a date, specific time frame. "You can always go to another, longer meeting, because if you fit, you've saved time waiting," she says.

Her words received a positive response, and her tips for quick first meetings, discovering common interests and subtle second date planning act as valuable guides for those in the dating world.

This brave woman reminds others that love can take time and effort, but in the end it can result in a true partnership. Her example reveals that sometimes we have to go through different challenges to find the right person and the right relationship.

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