PNV Publications publishes poetry collection "Freedom steps naked" by Maram al-Masri

Recently, the collection of poems "Freedom steps naked" by Maram al-Masri (Syria / France) was published, translated into English by Juliana Velickovska. The collection is published by "PNV Publications" and is moved to the edition "Engravings", recognizable by the printed Quarry codes that readers associate with an audio recording made especially for this edition, and where they can hear some of the songs in the book sound read in person by the author, in her native Arabic.

With the poems in the collection, Maram al-Masri puts herself in the role of witnessing the suffering of her people in Syria, giving voice to those who can no longer speak, articulating for them and with them the passion for freedom, which is the driving force in their struggle for freedom. This is a book with a penetrating and touching sound of mourning for all the victims of that terrible war and for all the countless crippled and dead.

- This book is a homage to all the victims who lost their lives in the bombings, who were killed and tortured. It is also a homage to all families to whom no joy, not even that of victory, could erase the bitterness of the loss of their loved ones - said the poet Maram al-Masri, who has twice been a guest at the Struga Poetry Evenings, and Ten years ago she was a guest at the Poetry Night in Velestovo.

(The text was published in "Cultural Press" number 89, in the print edition of "Free Press" on July 17-18, 2021)

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