Skopje swimmers win 20 medals at Banja Luka Open international competition

Top results of Skopje swimmers in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina / Photo: facebook / Plivacki Klub Skopje

Sara Jankovic at the international swimming competition "Banja Luka Open" he set records in the disciplines 50 and 100 meters breaststroke.

In the 50 meters breaststroke she had a time of 34,28 seconds for a new cadet, youth and senior record, and in the 100 meters breaststroke her result is 01: 16,06 min. for a new cadet and youth record.

Won first place in the 50 city qualifiers, and second place in the final, "golden" was 100 meters in the qualifiers and in the final. Then second place in the 400 meters freestyle, as well as in the 1500 meters absolute category.

In addition, the successes and results of the other competitors of PC Skopje in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Petar Atanasovski
400m free 2nd place

Marko зиuzi.
400m mixed 3rd place

Katja Tanaskoska
200m backstroke 3rd place

Dimitar Bosnakov
400m free 3nd place

Borjan Davkovski
200m breast 3rd place

Emil Subotic
400m mixed 1rd place
100m dolphin 2nd place
50m backstroke 2rd place

David Nedelkovski
100m dolphin 1nd place
200m dolphin 1nd place

Darjan Andreev
100m dolphin 1nd place
200m dolphin 2nd place
50m dolphin 3nd place

Vedran Andreev
100m dolphin 3nd place

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