Plenkovic: Ukraine defends the entire democratic world

Andrej Plenkovi / / Photo by EPA-EFE / GEERT VANDEN WIJNGAERT

In Ukraine, democracy and the international order based on law are under attack, Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said today and called on the democratic world to unite against authoritarianism.

Plenkovic participated via video link at the Democracy Summit, a virtual meeting of 120 countries hosted by the United States.

"Democracy and the international order based on law are under attack in Ukraine. "Croatia stands behind the Ukrainian leadership and people because they not only defend the values ​​of freedom, democracy and peace in their country, but also defend the entire democratic world," Plenkovic said.

He added that Croatia, itself a victim of aggression in the 1990s, has therefore been clear in expressing solidarity with Ukraine and condemning Russia as an aggressor since the beginning of the Russian invasion more than a year ago.

"It is important for us as democracies to stick together and in the global context of the world, which is divided into democratic and authoritarian, to strengthen our alliances, to emphasize our values ​​and to be responsible as governments in difficult times", pointed out the Prime Minister. outside.

Recalling that this year Croatia became part of the Eurozone and the Schengen zone, Plenkovic said that this is proof that democracy brings economic growth and progress to citizens.

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