A plastic surgeon revealed what happened to Madonna's face after her unrecognizable appearance at the Grammys

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Queen of pop music Madonna undoubtedly has one of the most recognizable faces in the world. She is known for her avant-garde, both in music and in appearance, for breaking down barriers, the chameleon in herself... However, when Madonna appeared on the stage at the awarding of Grammy Awards on Sunday, was "unrecognizable" even to her biggest fans, prompting an avalanche of comments about what could be responsible for her drastically different look. Many wondered if the face of the 64-year-old mega star underwent additional aesthetic procedures, it is written The Daily Mail.


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On that occasion, several leading plastic surgeons gave their expert opinion on whether Madonna overdid it by injecting fillers and Botox into her face, as well as lifting and correcting her nose.

Dr. Michael Horne, a board-certified plastic surgeon from Chicago, told the Daily Mail that Madonna likely went "under the knife" recently. Dr. Horne thinks that not only did she have a facelift, which was evident by her skin looking taut and wrinkle-free, but she also had a nose job.

"Madonna has obviously had numerous plastic surgeries over the years," added Dr. Horn.


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"At her last appearance at the Grammy Awards, we saw a different version of the Madonna we knew. She had a face lift again, and her eyes looked smaller, probably because of the lift itself. Madonna used to have a natural nose that matched her face, but it seems that she underwent cosmetic surgery, because now the nose has a pointed tip and is too narrow. The use of botox is also a noticeable change, especially due to the minimal facial movements that were noticeable during her speech. What was most obvious was the shape of her face which now has the structure of the Latin letter "V". This completely changes her natural appearance and pleasant facial bone structure. Her cheekbones are more prominent and set unnaturally high and finally her eyebrows are raised, again indicating specific corrections,” explains Dr. Horne.

Given all these changes, it's no wonder that Madonna really looks "unrecognizable", and whether you like her is up to you. Tastes are not discussed!

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