The hiking trails of Shar will be arranged in coordination with NP Shar Mountain

Photo: Free Press

The Shar Mountain National Park and the mountaineering clubs from the Tetovo-Gostivar region signed a Memorandum of Cooperation today, with the aim, as they pointed out, of greater coordination and improvement of the environment.

Promotion of nature protection, sustainable economic potential, raising public awareness and awareness of the beauties of Shara, hiking trails, environmental actions, exchange of knowledge and experiences is all that the Memorandum offers.

From the institution, they say that all places for walking and hiking trails will be found on an internet platform and each trail will be regulated and delineated in coordination with the authorities from NP Shar Planina.

"Initially, they agree with us on a certain route, not like before, if a certain association thought of it, they would start marking a route because it was interesting to them. Certainly in coordination with us, what is the importance of that path, which area will be covered, what will be promoted from the beauties of Shara through that path, of course it will have to be covered in the electronic recording, said the director of NP Shar Mountain, Ibrahim Dehari .

According to the mountaineering clubs, the memorandum will contribute to greater promotion and preservation of the tourist potential of Shar Mountain.

"This act of the National Park is to be welcomed. Paths are of great importance, for movement from a safety point of view but also for the development of tourism, so that every visitor knows what and where they can visit on that path. Don't go to the mountains without a licensed mountain guide, emphasized Snezhana Novakovska, from PK Tetex, who signed the Memorandum today.

Soon, it is expected to start arranging the picnic areas in NP Shar Planina, signposts, signs as well as bridges and temporary facilities intended for the needs of the guard service will be installed.

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