Flame and Prana – an exhibition of paintings by Lara Tashkovska

Characteristic of Lara's artistic expression is the bright fantasy in painting landscapes, and she does it very successfully in the pictures created in her more recent artistic opus, writes academician Vasko Tashkovski.

In the exhibition hall of the Culture Center "Trajko Prokopiev" in Kumanovo, on Thursday, February 22 at 19 pm, an exhibition of works by the contemporary Macedonian painter, the artist Lara Tashkovska, will be opened.
At this first solo exhibition after her return from the USA, Tashkovska will present to the Kumanovo art audience with twenty paintings in oil, acrylic and watercolor techniques, under the title "Flame and Prana". For her inspirational painting she was awarded in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2015.

Lara is the third generation of fine artists in the Tashkovski family. She is the daughter of the academician Vasko Tashkovski, and her grandfather Risto Ristovski, in his mature years, devoted himself to naive painting. Tashkovska graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje, at the department of painting.

Photo: Lara Tashkovska

In addition to painting, she is also dedicated to teaching. In her Drawing and Painting Studio, the program is followed, in different groups, by students of all generations.

In the preface to this exhibition, academician Vasko Tashkovski writes: Lara chose the more difficult path, which respects traditional values ​​and painting elements such as idea, drawing, content, composition and color. Her work is thematically diverse, while her handwriting is distinctive, recognizable. Stylistically, in some works, her painting is close to symbolism, to magical and bright fantasy.
The intimate elements in the paintings, as well as the rational movement of the brush, create a whole. Thus the rational and the sensitive complement each other, while her painting continuously grows and improves, precisely guided by her sure drawing, by her experienced, skillful hand.

Working with crystals, Lara crystallizes her artistic expression in the spirit of the Symbolists. Her oil and acrylic paintings are inspired by real life. Her watercolor paintings are dominated by vegetation, i.e. the magic of nature brought with a lyrical mood, seen and created through her author's prism. Characteristic of her artistic expression is the bright fantasy in the painting of landscapes, and she does this very successfully in the images created in her more recent artistic oeuvre.

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