Pyongyang has decided to expel US soldier Travis King

Parade in North Korea / Photo: EPA-EFE / KCNA

North Korea has decided to expel American soldier Travis King, who was previously reported to have admitted to entering the country illegally, North Korea's KCNA news agency reported today.

British media reported that the final report of the investigation into King's illegal entry into North Korea in July of this year stated that King said he was outraged by inhumane treatment and racial discrimination in the ranks of the US military.

-Travis King admitted that he decided to come to North Korea because he felt bad about the inhumane treatment and racial discrimination in the US military, a Pyongyang official previously told the Korea Agency.

The North Korean state agency's report did not specify where the soldier would be exiled, although North Korea had previously noted in its initial inquiries that King wanted sanctuary exclusively in North Korea.

Before crossing the border into North Korea, King served two months in a South Korean prison on assault charges and was released on July 10. He was then due to fly to the US to face disciplinary proceedings, but managed to flee the airport.

King is an intelligence specialist who has been in the military since January 2021 and came to South Korea as part of a rotation of US troops.

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