PiS has no intention of relinquishing power

PiS leaders / Photo EPA-EFE/Rafal Guz

Polish President Andrzej Duda officially appointed current Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki (PiS) as the representative of the new government. Although the prime minister has already presented ministerial solutions, it is predicted that the government will have a deadline of 14 days.

Morawiecki and his Pravo i Pravda (PiS) party lost the October 15 general election to a coalition of opposition parties led by Donald Tusk. Although PiS is the largest group in the new convocation of the Parliament with 191 deputies, the opposition parties have a total of 248 deputies, which is enough to form a government.

However, Poland's pro-PiS president insisted that Morawiecki be given the opportunity to try to form a government.

"We are fulfilling the constitutional custom by appointing a government that represents the group that won the parliamentary elections. I look at the prime minister and the ministers with joy," Duda said during the ceremony on Monday.

However, the Speakers of the Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament, who did not appear at the ceremony, indicated that Duda's appointment was actually a farce.

After the formation of the government, Morawiecki has two weeks to try to gain the confidence of the Parliament for the government program. If that fails, then Parliament will be able to choose a candidate for prime minister, a role that will likely go to Donald Tusk.

"Prime Minister Donald Tusk's government, in terms of structure, is 100 percent complete," said one member of Tusk's Civic Coalition.

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