Drunken monks got into a fight on Mount Athos in the Serbian monastery, the younger one was arrested

Photo: MIA

Drunken monks got into a fight on Mount Athos, the younger one was arrested. The incident happened on Sunday afternoon in the Serbian monastery on Sveta Gora. According to the reports, the 35-year-old hit the 52-year-old with his legs and hands, as well as with a plastic bottle, reports Greek television ERT.

The 52-year-old monk was initially transported to the Karion Health Center where he was given first aid. The attacked man from Belarus was initially hospitalized with head injuries. Then he was transferred to Poligiros Hospital, where he is still being treated for facial injuries. The victim stated that he did not want to prosecute the 35-year-old man, and did not ask to be examined by a doctor.

The accused, a 35-year-old Romanian, said that he allegedly lives in the Holy Monastery of Karditsa in Thessaly, in central Greece, stressing that he came to Mount Athos temporarily "for a few days". He also pointed out that he has known the victim for years.

The accused was brought before the public prosecutor and accused of causing serious bodily injury and sent to trial.

Hilandar is a Serbian Orthodox male monastery from the State of Orthodox Monks, which has existed for more than a thousand years. The monastery was built on the initiative of Saint Sava, who became a monk on Mount Athos in 1191. It is located in the northern part of Mount Athos, on the Halkidiki peninsula, i.e. its third branch - Athos. The monastery is 2,5 km from the Aegean Sea.
The 35-year-old Romanian monk, who was arrested on Mount Athos on charges of beating a 53-year-old Belarusian monk on the grounds of the Hilandar monastery, remains in custody.


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