She took diet pills: Lisa Marie Presley lost 20 kilograms before her death

Lisa Marie Presley / Photo: Profimedia

A few weeks before her sudden death, Lisa Marie Presley lost about 20 kilos in a very short period of time, it says "t-em-zee".

Namely, Presley wanted to look good at all the events of the film awards season, because the film "Elvis", dedicated to her father Elvis Presley, is considered one of the favorites of film critics.

Her last public appearance was at the prestigious Golden Globe Awards, where she attended with her mother. Priscilla Presley.

Sources close to her family say that just before the Golden Globes, Lisa Marie had plastic surgery and was taking diet pills. Her family members also believe she was taking opioids at the same time.

On the day she died (January 12), Lisa Marie complained of stomach pains, and later suffered a heart attack and was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors pronounced her dead.

The autopsy findings have not yet been released.

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