Petrovska: In electoral unit 6, we are going with a multi-ethnic list made up of people with integrity

Photo: Free Press

Slavjanka Petrovska the holder of the list in the 6th Electoral Unit from the coalition led by SDSM asked the voters to trust and vote en masse in the parliamentary elections on May 8 for the list in the 6th Electoral Unit led by SDSM because, as he indicated, it is a multi-ethnic list, and people with integrity .

"On this list you will see names of 20 persons, with first and last name, different in ethnicity and religion, different in age, women and men, but persons with integrity, honest and responsible and most importantly loyal to the state and the European values ​​around us united. We are ready professionally, responsibly and dedicatedly to fulfill all the promises that are written in the form of measures and policies in our program for the European future", said the holder of 6 IE from the coalition led by SDM Slavjanka Petrovska.

We will not give up until Macedonia becomes part of the European Union and until we ensure a minimum wage of 600 euros and an average wage of 1.100 euros, Petrovska added.

"And we will not give up until we correct the mistakes we have made in the past 7 years, which are related to the wrong personnel policy, poor results in the provision of justice and perceived weaknesses in systemic processes. During the past 7 years in power, SDSM and the Coalition made state decisions that enabled the state to move forward and take a place at the same table with the most powerful countries that are part of the NATO military-political alliance. And it is time, without delay, without false patriotism, to make the decision for the country to continue on the right path and not to go back in some uncertain times. And our commitments are clear. In the new mandate, we will fight to ensure higher salaries and pensions, serious reduction of unemployment, more benefits for young people. Wages will continue to grow, pensions will also grow. The minimum pension will amount to MKD 20.000, and the average pension to MKD 30.000," said Petrovska.

Before a press conference held in front of the Revolution Monument in the center of Tetovo, she had a briefing with media workers from Tetovo.

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