Petrovska met with her Bulgarian colleague Tagarev

Photo Ministry of Defense

Cooperation in defense can be a positive example of how to develop relations between the two countries, emphasized the Minister of Defense, Slavjanka Petrovska, at the meeting with her Bulgarian colleague Todor Tagarev, on the eve of the meeting in Novo Selo with the Macedonian contingent in the multinational NATO forces in Bulgaria.

As informed by the Ministry of Defense, Minister Petrovska spoke with the Minister of Defense of Bulgaria, Todor Tagarev, after which she pointed out that the cooperation between North Macedonia and Bulgaria is extremely significant and that it is at a level that befits two allied countries in NATO.

- Today, together with my colleague Tagarev, we will visit our multinational forces that are stationed here in Bulgaria and are part of the strengthened presence of the NATO Alliance in its entire territory. I am pleased that last year I had the opportunity to officially visit Bulgaria for the first time, however, even now during my visit I will state that the defense cooperation between the two countries is extremely significant and is taking place as befits two countries that that are members of the NATO alliance, said Petrovska.

He added that the topic of the conversation will be the ways to further develop cooperation, and he said that "as before and in the future, it will represent a positive example of how to develop relations between our two countries".

Minister Tagarev said that defense relations between the two countries are very good and that he highly appreciates the contribution of North Macedonia to the multinational NATO forces in Bulgaria. He added that defense relations are at a high level and that he will work on their development in the future as well.

The participation of the members of the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia within the NATO forces in Bulgaria is based on the decisions of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia. Our contribution to the forces in Bulgaria began in November 2022 with the dispatch of one platoon and one staff officer where, together with members of the allied armed forces, they are an integral part of the collective deterrence and defense system.

The Macedonian contingent in the multinational forces in Bulgaria is the size of a platoon. In these forces there are over 1 members from the allies North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Montenegro, Turkey and the United States, under the leadership of Italy.

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