Petrovska and Gjurchinovski followed the exercise of the Macedonian soldiers from the company for Atomic Biological and Chemical Defense in Vermont

Photo: Ministry of Defense

Within the framework of the visit to the United States of America, the Minister of Defense and Slavjanka Petrovska and the Chief of the General Staff of the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia, Lieutenant General Vasko Gjurcinovski visited the training ground of the National Guard of Vermont, Ethan Allen, where he welcomed them as a host National Guard Commander General Gregory Knight.

Photo: Ministry of Defense

As informed by the Ministry of Defense, Petrovska and Gjurchinovski had the opportunity to watch the joint exercise of the Macedonian soldiers from the company for Atomic Biological and Chemical Defense and the National Guard of Vermont, called "Northern Fallout", which is another proof of the strong partnership and cooperation between the armed forces of the two countries.

After visiting the military training ground, Petrovska and Gjurchinovski will also visit the air base of the Vermont National Guard, where they will be welcomed by the wing commander, Colonel Daniel Finnegan. The visit to the air base will conclude with takeoffs of the Vermont Air National Guard's F-35 fighter jets.
Petrovska will also visit the Vermont Emergency Operations Center, where she will have a meeting with the director of the center, Erika Borneman, the Ministry announced.

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