Petkovic: In Brussels we will discuss the implementation of the Ohrid agreement, with clear "red lines"

Photo: WC Archive

The director of the Office of the Government of Serbia for Kosovo, Petar Petkovic, stated today that in the continuation of the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, specific steps for the implementation of the Ohrid agreement will be discussed.

The meeting of the heads of the negotiation teams of Belgrade and Pristina, Petar Petkovic and Besnik Bislimi, is scheduled for April 4 in Brussels.

Petkovic told Radio Belgrade that there will be a continuation of the dialogue at the technical level and that concrete steps to implement the Ohrid agreement will be discussed, along with clear "red lines", reported Beta.

"Our red lines are that Belgrade will never agree to the so-called Kosovo becoming a member of the UN and that Belgrade will neither de facto nor de jure recognize the so-called Kosovo. We can discuss and see about everything else that was agreed in the Annex, how we will implement it," said Petkovic.

He added that in the text of the Annex for the implementation of the Agreement on the road to the normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo, among the first things that need to be fulfilled is the obligation of Pristina to form a Community of Serbian Municipalities and that it is clear that it should be implemented in accordance with the relevant prior agreements from the dialogue.

According to him, the essential competences of the ZSO, its objectives, bodies and how it functions are clearly defined, including point 16, which stipulates that Belgrade finances the ZSO.

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