Petkov: While we are dealing with the language of hate, let Sofia and Skopje return to more positive things

Kiril Petkov

In the relations between Bulgaria and North Macedonia, it is important not to put the perspective only on what incident happened and at the same time, while dealing with the language of hate, other topics such as infrastructure and the economy must be opened, in order for the relations to they can also have a positive character, said the former Bulgarian Prime Minister and co-chairman of the party We continue with the change, Kiril Petkov.

"Right now it is left to some very loud people to define the dialogue between the two countries." It's time to return to more positive things," Petkov said in a statement to the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR).

According to him, the country should be told that the conditions are set by the EU and that if it wants to have a European future, it has no choice but to start working on positive topics with Bulgaria and remove the language of hatred.

"This type of dialogue is possible because during our Government, we managed to get Europe to stand on our side, added Petkov.

Referring to the upcoming early parliamentary elections in Bulgaria, scheduled for April 2, Petkov expressed hope that his PP will run with a joint list with the Democratic Bulgaria bloc, creating a nucleus that will promote universally accepted policies and goals, which must happen.

"We are the only dynamic in the political space. With DB, we are creating a core that we hope will not be just a snowball", but an avalanche, added Petkov.

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