Petar Grasho spoke for the first time about his beloved Hana Huljic and put an end to the speculations!

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The new loving couple on the Croatian music scene, Petar Grasho (45) and Hana Huljic (31), have been talked about for months.

Although so far they have been mostly silent about their romance, now the famous singer for the first time decided to put an end to all speculations.

"We are very happy and satisfied and that is how it should be. "Hannah is very good and we are happy," Grasho told "InMagazine Nova TV".

Although he was very "stingy" in words, Grasho made it clear that in his relationship with the young musician, "roses are blooming".

- I somehow learned that, since I hide a lot from my private life, the media attention is even greater. But I have to be honest and say that I was a little surprised by the creativity of certain media in coming up with different and varied forms of nothing, in fact, we live our lives and it is important that the people around us are happy and everyone is calm, but also satisfied - added the musician.

By the way, Grasho and Hana are inseparable, she often accompanies him to his performances, and the photographers "hunt" him wherever they can - in Sarajevo, Split…

PHOTO | After Petar Grasho is officially with his new girlfriend, Danijela Martinovic deleted him from his Instagram profile

By the way, Petar Grasho was in a 24-year relationship with the Croatian singer Danijela Martinovi ((50). At the beginning of May, the news of the break-up of the decade-long relationship between Daniela and Peter echoed, which then shocked many friends, family and colleagues.

Hana is the daughter of Vjekoslava and Tonci Huljic. True has already said that he blesses their love, saying that if Hannah and Peter are happy, then they are happy too.

PHOTO | Danijela is past: Petar Grasho has a new love, he is in a relationship with Tonci Huljic's daughter

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