Petar Grašo revealed the gender of the second child with Hana Huljić: The couple is eagerly awaiting the new baby

Petar Grasho and Hana Huljic
Petar Grasho and Hana Huljic / Photo: Instagram/Petar Grasho/Hana Huljic

Croatian musicians Petar Grasho (48) and Hana Huljic (33) are one of the most famous couples in the region, and now they are again in the center of media attention with the good news that they will become parents again.

In statement for "In Magazin", the singer revealed that their family will be expanding by another member, and this time it will be a boy. Among other things, Grasho revealed how his beloved felt during her second pregnancy.

"How's Hannah doing?" Well, like any pregnant woman. One day she eats croissants, and the next she doesn't like them. Then one day my perfume smells great to her and the next day she thinks it's horrible. "I guess that's the way it should be, that's fine," he said.

Photo: Instagram/Hana Huljic

To remind, Grašo and Huljić got married in February 2022, and a few months later they had a daughter, Alba.

"I'm enjoying every moment with her so much, I know she's going to grow up fast." Maybe now I can't wait for him to grow up, but when he does I will be sorry. She is beautiful, she is cheerful. She brought something special to our life," said the singer about his daughter Alba.

PHOTO | Petar Grašo and Hana Huljić held a baptism for their daughter with 200 guests

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