Five facial signs that indicate a fatty liver

Photo: Profimedia

Fatty liver occurs due to storage of extra fat. The good news is that most sufferers often have no symptoms and it does not cause them serious problems. But in some cases, fatty liver can eventually lead to liver damage or cirrhosis, reports the Cleveland Clinic.

In this case, the consequences can be very dangerous and even fatal, which is why it is necessary to recognize the first warning signs in time.

As experts explain, there are several symptoms that can indicate a fatty liver, and some of them also appear on the face.

The symptoms are:

1. Yellow skin or eyes

2. Red skin or erythema

3. Rosacea

4. Capillaries on the face

5. Pale skin that can be a sign of anemia

Although each of these signs does not necessarily mean that a person has a fatty liver problem, in most cases these are some of the first symptoms.

In addition, fatty liver can manifest itself in some other ways, such as chronic fatigue, exhaustion, sudden weight loss and abdominal pain. For that reason, if there is a suspicion of a liver problem followed by some of these symptoms, it is necessary to do a check-up as soon as possible.

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