Five things every woman wants to hear from the man she likes

Photo: Pexels/ Mateus Souz

Women are extremely "weak" towards men who show feelings and do not hide that they are sometimes vulnerable, and every nice word is more than welcome to melt a woman's heart with love.

Even a seemingly cold and strict woman will be softened by a sincere compliment from a man she likes. Women simply want to hear that they are special, that they are pleasant company, to know that their opinion really matters to men, etc. They are extremely weak to guys who show feelings, they don't hide that they are sometimes vulnerable and are there for her no matter what happened.

These are five things every woman would like to hear from the man of her dreams.

It highlights its uniqueness as something irresistible

It can be something physical about the woman, her behavior, reactions in certain situations. If a man says, for example, "I can't resist your dimples when you smile," the woman will surely melt. In this way, she shows how much attention she pays to the little things about her body or her behavior, because everyone wants to be seen carefully, not superficially.

He asks the woman to give her opinion

"What do you think about that?" – is a question that every woman wants to hear from a man. In addition to showing that he thinks the woman is smart, he will also show that he values ​​her opinion and wants to know how she thinks. Women see such men as having the potential for a quality relationship.

He says he feels comfortable in her company

Women like men who are not afraid to show that they are sometimes vulnerable, so they openly admit that with her they can be who they really are and relax easily. Besides, every woman is glad to hear that she is pleasant company.

He enjoys her scent

Whether it's private parts or not, every woman wants to know she smells good. Then he feels safer and more relaxed, which is very important for a good atmosphere in a relationship or in bed.

He tells her how beautiful, attractive and special she is

Let's be real, there isn't a person on this planet who doesn't want to hear that they are beautiful, attractive and special. Women are especially sensitive to these things. Everyone wants to know that she is irresistible to a man, especially when he openly tells her so in front of other people.

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