Five cars burned in Chair last night

Photo: illustration

Last night, five parked cars burned in a big fire in the Chair neighborhood of Skopje, the Ministry of Interior announced.

"On 27.09.2022/03.55/XNUMX at XNUMX:XNUMX a.m. it was reported to SVR Skopje that a fire broke out in five passenger vehicles, four of which were parked on Gjoce Stojchevski Street and one parked on Lazo Moskov Street, namely: "Volkswagen Golf". "Renault Megane", "Renault Twingo", "Audi", all with Skopje registration plates and a passenger vehicle "Mercedes" with British national markings, the announcement states.

The fire was extinguished by a team of the Skopje Fire Protection Brigade, and there were no injuries. An inspection was carried out at the place, the police added.

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