Five cities in the Netherlands demand a ban on the sale of fast food: Fight against excess weight

Photo: Unsplash

"Because we see food as an individual choice, municipalities and governments cannot intervene in this through environmental law."said Anika de Ruther, an assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam. The Ministry of Health, Social Welfare and Sport is working with municipalities to help improve the food environment in the regions.

Authorities in five cities in the Netherlands are pushing for legal procedures to ban the sale and purchase of fast food in fast food restaurants in a bid to fight obesity. NL Times.

These are Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Ed. Authorities in those cities sent a letter to Paul Blockhais, Secretary of State for Health, Welfare and Sports, asking for more authority, including a reduction in the number of fast food restaurants. It is said that the issue of banning fast food in restaurants is difficult, as cities have little opportunity to reduce the number in accordance with environmental law.

Part of this will be to study the issue of granting additional powers to the regions.


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