Israel's song for Eurovision could be disqualified, according to the EBU, there is too much politics in it

Photo: Facebook / Epa

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is considering whether to disqualify the Israeli song "October Rain" for the Eurovision Song Contest because it contains a political message, Israeli media reported today, citing European sources.

The song sung by the singer One Golan it was supposed to air last week, but the airing was delayed for a few more days.

Israeli media say the reason for the delay is the EBU's request to review and approve the song's lyrics in advance, to ensure it does not contain political messages.

Sources cited by the Israeli news site Ynet state that the request is not unusual for Israel and that the provision forbidding political messages has been part of the Eurovision regulations for several years.

After the EBU signaled its intention to disqualify the song, the Israel Broadcasting Corporation decided not to change the words, even if it meant Israel would not participate in this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

The Israeli corporation said after the news broke that it was currently "talking to EBU about the song".

EBU is not commenting anything for now.

Israeli media reports that the song alludes to Hamas attacks in southern Israel on October 7, when around 1.200 people, mostly civilians, were killed and more than 250 hostages were taken to the Gaza Strip.

Since then, more than 29.000 people, mostly women and children, have died in Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Some activists have called for Israel to be banned from the competition because of the war in Gaza, but the EBU believes the country should be allowed to participate.

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