Peskov admitted that there were mistakes during the mobilization

Dmitry Peskov / Photo by EPA / SERGEI KARPUKHIN /

The Kremlin admitted today that "mistakes" were made during the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of reservists to fight in Ukraine, stressing that at this stage "no decision has been made" to close the borders.

"There are cases where the decree has been violated," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said of the partial mobilization decree announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sept. 21 to increase the number of troops in the war in Ukraine.

He expressed hope that "mistakes will be corrected".

The authorities said that the mobilization of 300.000 reservists refers only to people who have military experience or the necessary skills, but numerous cases of the mobilization of old, sick or inexperienced people, as well as students, have also been recorded.

After the mobilization was announced last week, demonstrations were organized in which several thousand people were arrested.

A large number of Russians have decided to leave the country, given the increased influx at the borders with Georgia, Kazakhstan, Finland and Mongolia.

The large influx has sparked fears that Russia will ban men of fighting age from leaving the country.

Peskov said that the authorities "did not make a decision" at this stage to close the borders for that category of citizens.

Russia is preparing to annex four Ukrainian regions where referendums on annexation to Moscow end tomorrow. Ukraine and the West condemned the referendums and announced that they would not recognize their results

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