VIDEO: Lavrov's pessimistic forecasts: There is no chance to save the OSCE

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The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov, said at today's press conference in Skopje that there is no reason to celebrate the OSCE Summit this year, because according to him, the OSCE is on the verge of collapse and that everything that has been worked on in the past years is failing.

"Everything that the OSCE worked on in all the past years is being undermined. Security is being undermined, the human rights dimension, humanitarian aid... I'm not giving you specific examples, but we have solid evidence that our Western colleagues have not learned any lessons from their failures."

The head of Russian diplomacy claims that 95% of the speeches of the Western countries at this year's Summit in Skopje were concentrated against what the OSCE was based on and was founded on, namely security and cooperation around it.

 "Everything is destroyed in the political sphere. It refuses to adopt numerous agreements aimed at adopting security and stability. There is nothing to say about the unprecedented sanctions introduced by the EU and the USA against Russia. There is nothing to say about human rights," says Russian Minister Lavrov.

Asked about Macedonian-Bulgarian relations, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that he is not the greatest expert on this issue, but stressed that every country, including Macedonia, has the right to be an equal part of the continent's activities. He accused the Western allies of being behind all the current and previous problems in the Balkans.

The Russian minister welcomed this year's chairmanship of the OSCE, saying that he always felt welcome in the country.

"I remember that for years Macedonia was called the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and this was a humiliating name, and we also know what happened to the name North Macedonia." I also remember that the chairman of the Macedonian Assembly had photos with the Albanian flag, taken in the office in the Parliament," said Lavrov.

Regarding the events that took place on the eve of the OSCE Summit in Skopje, Lavrov said that when such events are held, no one must say which country is invited and which is not.

"Cowardice of Blinken and Borrell"


Lavrov said that his American colleague Anthony Blinken was the one who avoided the meeting.

- Blinken avoided the meeting, but here I am, I don't see him. Today Mrs. Zakharova showed me two different photos published in the Macedonian media. The first was from the dinner, which was attended by everyone, they took photos to publish in the media that everyone came except Lavrov. The other media showed photos from the morning opening, where I was present with all my colleagues, but the Ukrainian minister was not there, nor were representatives from the Baltic states. Secretary Blinken and Borrell left. But why did they do it? I think they wanted to emphasize their intention to isolate Russia. They are cowards, they are afraid of the truth, they have no arguments in front of our facts. This is cowardice, nothing more, said Lavrov.

Regarding the war in Ukraine, Lavrov stated that in May 2022, after several meetings in Turkey, a ceasefire was agreed upon, which was accepted by all parties. As he explained, then British Prime Minister Boris Johnson advised the Ukrainians that the deal was more in favor of Russia, "so he suggested they continue with the conflict."

Lavrov admitted that it is now much more difficult to negotiate with Kiev, claiming that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi introduced a decree banning negotiations with a Russian government headed by Vladimir Putin.

The head of Russian diplomacy also spoke about the current situation in Gaza, assessing that Russia condemned the attack by Hamas in Israel on October 7, but accused the West that they are to blame for everything that is happening in the Gaza Strip.

- Everything that happens in Gaza is very complicated. The numbers we hear from the UN are horrific, the number of civilians and children killed. We must not accept the way Israel fights against terrorists, Lavrov said.

Minister Lavrov also commented on the "culture of cancellation" of the American authorities. He claims that the US wants to destroy everything they don't like and that this culture of theirs leads to the spread of unrest around the world.

At the press conference, the journalists who asked questions were chosen by the spokeswoman of the Russian MFA, Maria Zakharova, and for some of them she sent photos to the assistants who provided the microphone.

The Russian delegation that attended the OSCE Summit will head back to Russia after the press conference, skipping the final meetings of the OSCE Summit.

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