Pero Antic announced his relationship with the Serbian folk singer: I am not in love with Ceca, but with a Macedonian girl

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It has been rumored for several months that our former basketball player Pero Antic and the Balkan star Svetlana Ceca Raznatovic are in a romantic relationship, he writes MMS.

Rumors about their relationship started soon after it was said that Pero and model Katarina Ivanova had broken up.

In conversation with "MMS", he revealed whether Ceca Ražnatović will become a Macedonian daughter-in-law and whether she is really in a relationship with him.

"Well, those are sects, who make up stories, and I am happily in love with another person, and don't be confused with others for cheap clicks on the Internet. Does not matter. Why has Skopje become like a "dead sea", as Ceca says in the song? That's why. Since she told - she told stories. Instead of seeing greater values, stories are invented. And that's why the city, not to say the state, is failing. From such non-humans", he says about "MMS".

Pero Antic rarely talks about his private life, so this time he says that he will not say who he is in a relationship with, but that it is certainly not the folk singer Ceca.

"I don't share my intimate life. Let them speculate. "I will just say that my new love is a Macedonian girl," he says.

"And I know Ceca, yes." I've met everyone at a happening, but it's none of this nonsense about clicks. Stories made up by cults," adds Perrault.

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