Retired general Pavel: I will be the president of all Czechs

The new president of the Czech Republic, the retired general Peter Pavel (61), today appealed to the Czechs not to feel defeated if they did not vote for him, because he intends to talk to everyone who has ideas and solutions, and that democratic and civil values ​​have won.

"I know many are disappointed because their candidate did not win." I see no winners or losers in this country. Values ​​such as truth, dignity, respect and submission won out. I am convinced that we want a Czech Republic where there is no bad mood, as Václav Havel said, but where there is a good mood", Pavel said at a press conference.

After the counting of votes from 99 percent of the polling stations, General Pavel won 58,12 percent of the votes, while his opponent, the former populist prime minister, now leader of the opposition, the fifth richest tycoon in the Czech Republic, Andrej Babiš. (68), won 41,87 percent of the votes, and the turnout reached almost 70 percent of the 8,25 million registered voters.

Babis congratulated General Pavel on his victory, admitted defeat and wished him to be everyone's president, listen to everyone's problems and fight for Czech national interests.

"I would ask our supporters to accept that I am defeated and to accept that we have a new president," said Andrej Babis.

Petr Pavel will be sworn in on March 9, because the second, according to the Constitution, the last mandate of President Milos Zeman expires two days earlier.

Retired general Petr Pavel won the presidential election in the Czech Republic

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