Retirement Election Scheme

Mendo Dimovski
Mendo Dimovski, Photo: Archive

Today's protest is provoked mainly because of the undemocratic and illegitimate elections of most organs and bodies in the organization that can be called secret elections, because not one percent of the members of the associations were notified that they would be held?!

As in the stories of the American writer and cartoonist Ripley (Believe it or not), everyone can wonder if it is really possible that something similar is happening and being done in the retirement organization?! But it is surprising if those adult, wise and experienced people in all their right mind and conscience organized illegal, illegitimate and manipulative elections in the pensioners' associations (ZP) and in the Union of Pensioners' Associations of Macedonia (SZPM) just to keep them their former positions, and now "poor" shamelessly pretend to be sufferers because disgruntled pensioners are protesting against their illegal occupation?!

Their decision to run away from the headquarters in Skopje and organize a party in Kočani under the motto "Review of songs, music and games" where they will significantly increase the expenses and costs for its performance?!

One of the big forgers was defiantly describing to me how much fun it would be at the show there without mentioning the excruciating agony of the SZPM leadership here, I believe because of some spiritual repentance of his as an excuse from the self-conscious influence he exerted?! But who can appreciate and control their minds to think and devise something that will change their minds again to organize new elections in an honest and dignified manner so that no one notices and speaks to them?!

Maybe, again, some of their supporters are right when they say that nobody can do anything to them after they became an institution of public interest, so they minimize the protests, so they were the expression of a few dissatisfied people who want to take over their functions?! This is the kind of nonsense they say, probably because they are afraid that someone will threaten their personal interests?! But how wrong they are can be seen and concluded from the platform of the "We are here" movement, where the goals and the method of its action are defined. The focus is not on taking over the functions, which was highlighted at the recent forum on the situation in the pension organization, but on the advancement of the pension system with a more adequate and creative organization of activities and special care for the life and health of pensioners with greater protection of the socially endangered categories and providing a better standard for all adults.

Many pages should be written to express the action agenda of the "We are here" Pensioners' Movement, but it must be pointed out that the protests are being organized due to dissatisfaction with the previous work of the SZPM and against the illegal and non-transparent work of the management of pensioners' associations. and in the Union. The protest on June 6 was provoked mainly because of the undemocratic and illegitimate elections of most of the organs and bodies in the organization, which can be called secret elections, because not one percent of the members of the associations were notified that they would be held?!

Moreover, it is shameful and regrettable that precisely the most responsible structures ran and elected themselves, although most of such representatives are in the same positions after ten and fifteen years, and some even for life?! However, an unprecedented climax of the election manipulation was reached with the re-enthronement of the president of the Union of Associations of Pensioners of Macedonia, which is specially processed and designated in the platform of the "We are here" movement.

That's why the Initiative Board of this movement uncompromisingly demands a legal solution to the electoral fraud in the pensioners' organization and conducting new elections in a democratic way with the declaration of all members of the pensioners' associations and the Union!

PS Ashamed and with great remorse for the electoral manipulation in his organization, a president of a pensioners' association submitted an irrevocable resignation and in a solemn address expressed the hope that his action without barriers will be followed by all compromised leaders and their close outsiders!


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