Pentagon sends military command to Europe for war in Ukraine

USA and Ukraine flag/ Photo: Ron Adar / Alamy / Alamy / Profimedia

Russian President Vladimir Putin is escalating the war in Ukraine and the nuclear threat, but the possibility of peace talks, in which China and India can greatly help due to their interests and motivations, should still be considered, at a time when the United States is preparing to send a military command in Germany about the war in Ukraine, some of the Western analysts and media evaluate.

The Italian newspaper "La RepubblicaA report from Washington states that American analysts are disappointed and believe that Putin will continue the policy of intensifying the war in Ukraine, although it was thought that after the annexation of the eastern Ukrainian regions, Russia will give diplomacy a chance, opening the door to some negotiations with Kyiv.

Although, as some analysts note, the question now remains what are the strategic goals of the West in the Ukrainian war, to prevent a Russian military victory or to overthrow Putin and bring Russia to its knees, as the highest American officials have previously pointed out.

Some prominent American analysts believe that Beijing and New Delhi should be emboldened and use their influence on Moscow to stop the war, as both Chinese and Indian leaders have recently told the Russian president that this should be done, to stop. the unrest that threatens world peace and stability, and especially China, even though India is helping Russia economically "withstand" Western sanctions.

In an analysis of the French newspaper "Mond” smokes that “Putin closed the door on dialogue and diplomacy in a matter of months and joined a war without any rules, and his fate is now inexorably tied to what weapons will achieve.”

"It's not about Russia, because if it's a lifelong battle for survival, then it's only about Putin," says "Mond".

Analysts agree that the war could easily escalate further, US military strategists are considering what the US and the West will do if Putin uses nuclear weapons, and "The New York TimesIt is written that the Pentagon is already preparing to establish the American military command for the war in Ukraine in Germany.

The American newspaper reports that American military leaders have prepared several serious plans in case Russia uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine, "including directly entering the war on the side of Kyiv, a military scenario that Biden was very "determined to avoid".

Biden's national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, has threatened "catastrophic consequences" if the Russians use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

At the same time, many media outlets in the EU concluded that the still unexplained explosion at the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines cast new doubts about the war on European soil, and it was also noted that the former head of Polish diplomacy, Radoslaw Sikorski, hinted that the Americans could be behind the damage to those pipelines.

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