Penov: VMRO opposes the inclusion of Bulgarians in the Constitution, and celebrates Tatarchev, who said that Macedonia is Bulgarian

Photo: "Shenya" TV / printscreen

The Minister of Local Self-Government Risto Penov says that the behavior of VMRO-DPMNE serves Bulgaria and their own rating.

According to Penov, the party that celebrates him is illogical Dr. Hristo Tatarchev as the first president of VMRO, who did not recognize the existence of the Macedonian nation, to not agree to Bulgarians entering the Constitution, for S. Macedonia to continue its path towards the EU.

"The Palace of VMRO is called "Tatarchev", we also have a monument in the square. Tatarchev is credited as the first president of VMRO, right. But Tatarchev died, after the Republic of Macedonia was created and after Macedonia was created, the Macedonian nation was recognized, he writes his memoirs in which he says "there are no Macedonians", "Macedonia is Bulgarian". And we built a monument to such a man, Gruevski, in the square next to the Triumphal Hall, and they sit in a palace, which they call "Tatarchev". If we are against the Bulgarians in the Constitution, if we are against reciprocity, by what right do you carry that burden on your back. You celebrate the name of a man who shouts that you don't exist. And you are forcing me not to go to Europe by including the Bulgarians in the Constitution," Penov said tonight in the show "Interview of Senya".

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