Pendarovski: The war in Ukraine is the biggest threat to peace and European security

Photo: Cabinet of Pendarovski

"The war in Ukraine is the biggest threat to peace and European security, the outcome of which will affect the order, not only on our continent, but also in international relations in the years to come," said President Stevo Pendarovski at the conference "Ukraine - two years of heroism" ” organized by the Embassy of Ukraine in cooperation with the non-governmental organization CIVIL, which was held on the occasion of 2 years since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Pendarovski stated that Macedonia's position has not changed and efforts are constantly being made with NATO allies to ensure that aid to Ukraine is not delayed due to internal political dynamics in the allied countries.

"Our position has not changed even two years since the beginning of the aggression." Together with the allies in the NATO Alliance, we are constantly making efforts so that the aid to Ukraine, which it needs more than not, is not delayed due to the internal political dynamics in the allied countries. The success of Ukraine today depends not only on the will and the potential of the Ukrainian army, but also on the financial, logistical and, above all, military assistance that it must receive. "Any different calculation in this context will lead to even greater suffering, destruction in Ukraine and uncertainty for all of us," said Pendarovski.

Pendarovski believes that only the unity of the democratic world and the robust support for the Ukrainian armed forces could prevent further Russian breakthroughs, but also enable the return of the territories up to the borders of the state that were internationally recognized after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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