Pendarovski believes that the presence of five thousand NATO soldiers in Kosovo is a guarantee that the crisis will not spill over into the region

Photo: Free Press / Dragan Mitreski

The presence of five thousand NATO soldiers in Kosovo is a guarantee that the crisis will not spill over into the region. It is good that Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania are members of NATO, so that a direct confrontation between the Kosovo and Serbian armies can be prevented, stated the President of the State, Stevo Pendarovski, in an interview with Macedonian Radio.

- If there were not five thousand NATO soldiers during the last problems, conflicts and tensions in Northern Kosovo, and there were similar situations before, without NATO troops there the conflict would have spilled over and there would have been, first, a direct confrontation between the Serbian and Kosovo army and police and then that and the surrounding area would be busy, said Pendarovski.

When asked if he will run for a second term, Pendarovski says that it will depend on the positive evaluation of the citizens for his previous engagement as Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and President of the country.

- My further engagement in politics will depend on only one thing. Not whether I have a goal to be in this position or another one, but only from whether my mandate so far and God bless you until the end of the year, the entire mandate of five years will be positively evaluated by the citizens. If the citizens do not have a positive opinion in decent percentages about what I have been doing for the past four and a half to five years, then of course you will not see me in politics, Pendarovski added in the interview with Macedonian Radio.

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