Pendarovski believes that the outcome of the war in Ukraine will affect the order and international relations in the future

Stevo Pendarovski / Photo Sloboden Pechat / Dragan Mitreski

The war in Ukraine is the greatest threat to peace and European security, the outcome of which will affect the order, not only on our continent, but also in international relations for years to come. A war that will show whether the years of democratic development in Europe, after the end of the Cold War, have been wasted on the realization of an abstract idea or, on the other hand, democracy is still resilient and strong enough to show resistance to retrograde and authoritarian regimes and the challenges that they create them, President Stevo Pendarovski pointed out today at the conference "Ukraine - two years of heroism" organized by the Embassy of Ukraine, in cooperation with CIVIL - Center for Freedom.

Pendarovski emphasized that this war will show whether the use of force will become the basic principle that should determine the nature of relations between states in this century, or what is written in the Charter of the United Nations that member states are equal to each other will remain in force , regardless of whether they are small or large.

- The eventual triumph of this retrograde principle, emerging from the archives of past centuries, would be a recipe for permanent instability in the world and a return to a not-so-distant past when the geopolitical games and interests of the big ones were far stronger than the free will of the peoples, said the head of the state.

Because of this, while Pendarovski, the stake of the entire democratic world is huge, and the consequences of the defensive war that Ukraine is waging today exceeds its borders.

Last year, on this same day, he said, we wished that we would never again gather to commemorate the years of struggle for the freedom of Ukraine, but to celebrate liberation from the Russian occupier and the heroism of the Ukrainian people.

-Unfortunately, today, the brutal aggression against this friendly country of ours by Putin's regime is entering its third year, and the loss of human lives, the suffering of millions of people throughout the country, the devastating consequences and the destruction are not decreasing, added Pendarovski.

For these two years, as he said, we have witnessed all the inhumanity of a regime cut off from reality, which seems to have emerged from the darkest times of European history of the last century, in complete disparity with the reality of the 21st century.

- That personal dictatorship is trying not only to impose a revision of history, but also to change the borders in Europe, in violation of all international legal agreements that guarantee the peace, stability and security of the continent after the end of the Second World War, he said the president.

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