Pendarovski: The presence of 5.000 NATO soldiers in Kosovo is a guarantee that the crisis will not spill over into the region

Photo: Free Press / Dragan Mitreski

The tensions that arise in neighboring Kosovo are causing unrest in the region, but I am convinced that the crisis will not spill over into Macedonia, said the president of the state, Stevo Pendarovski, in an interview with Macedonian Radio. Pendarovski claims that the strong presence of NATO in Kosovo is a guarantee for that, and the fact that Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro are members of the North Atlantic Alliance, and the presence of 5.000 NATO soldiers in Kosovo is a guarantee that the crisis will not spill over into the region. says President Pendarovski in an interview with Macedonian Radio.

In the interview, the President of the country spoke about all the current challenges that North Macedonia is facing. Pemnadorvski believes that the political parties in the country did not have a consensus on any major strategic issue that the country faced in these 32 years of independence, starting with the temporary agreement with Greece, the Prespa Agreement, the Agreement for Bulgaria on good neighborly relations, so they did not expect that even for constitutional amendments can lead to unanimity in views.

According to this, Pendarovski says that no consensus will be reached even for the inclusion of Bulgarians in the Constitution, but a pro-European coalition must be formed, in order to continue the path to opening the accession negotiations. The president pointed out that we managed to reach a compromise with the neighbors only with the strong mediation of the European and American partners.

Regarding the proposal for amnesty, Pendarovski says in the interview that he has not yet received the legal solution. He will wait for a debate in the Parliament, and then he will decide whether he will sign the law. If the motivation is to grant amnesty for minor crimes, he indicated that this solution is acceptable for him in principle.

Regarding the aspirations for a second term at the head of the state, Pendarovski said that it will depend on the citizens' assessment of his work so far.

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