Pendarovski: I expect a double victory

I expect a double win. We have our own values ​​and potentials and we are better than them, said the current president Stevo Pendarovski, after tonight at the 27th SDSM Congress he received support for a new presidential mandate.

Pendarovski assessed that the polls presented by VMRO-DPMNE are fake and that the real ones show that SDSM and Pendarovski will win the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections.

- The real surveys that they do not give to the public are that they have fallen below 45 MPs, and we are above 50. Today's result of SDSM in collecting signatures is not at all accidental. The trends from some time ago have changed, said Pendarovski.

VMRO-DPMNE, he assessed, has no position on the strategic issues of the state.

- What is their proposal for the negotiation framework? They say we will tell you when we come to power. With such an approach, you cannot and must not be the president of a local community. These are people who did not apologize for the biggest shame in the history of Macedonia - April 27, said Pendarovski.

He said that VMRO-DPMNE made the biggest strategic mistake in history because during the census they actively worked on the boycott, and the result, he pointed out, was that 130 ethnic Macedonians obeyed them and did not register.

- Don't have any fear, these are people who have no qualities, they have only one desire to come to power and stay in their seats. We must not allow that, said Pendarovski.

The president of SDSM Kovachevski, asking for support for Pendarovski, said that the citizens do not need a president who will hold back, but a president with a clear European vision who will push forward on the right path.

According to Kovacevski, Pendarovski has a clear vision for the prosperity of the state and its integration into the European Union.

- In the current mandate, he showed what it means to be president for everyone. During his term, the country became a member of NATO, now in the second term it will become a member of the EU, Kovacevski said.

In the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections, he said, we have only one chance to choose the direction of the country, whether we will move forward towards the EU or return to isolation.

- DPMNE offers only crises, revanchism and isolation, to be stuck in new lost years, status quo, without changes, without progress, without future. SDSM is the only one that offers real hope for a better tomorrow, for a secure European future, Kovacevski pointed out.

After officially announcing his candidacy for the president of the state the day before yesterday, Pendarovski secured the necessary 10 signatures for the civil candidacy, which, as his Cabinet informed, were collected in less than five hours.

Pendarovski has been the president of the state since May 12, 2019. He was a candidate for the president of the country for the first time in 2014, as a candidate of the coalition led by SDSM, but he failed to defeat the then president Gjorge Ivanov. In 2019, he was a candidate in the presidential elections for the second time, as a consensus candidate of SDSM, DUI and dozens of other political parties and defeated the candidate of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE, university professor Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova. And in these elections, Siljanovska Davkova is his opponent. And today she secured 10 signatures from citizens for the candidacy, and VMRO-DPMNE formalized her support yesterday at a convention.

Five more candidates have so far provided signatures to enter the race for the president of the country: the leader of "ZNAM" Maxim Dimitrievski, the current Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani who is a candidate of DUI, the president of GROM Stevce Jakimovski, Biljana Vankovska, a candidate of Lefta and Arben Taravari from the coalition of the united Albanian opposition "Vredi".

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