Pendarovski did not expect that the Bulgarians would politicize the case of Pendikov

Pendarovski photo MIA

I, the government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a clear demarcation of what is our state competence after the Ohrid case - to call for responsibility, but we did not try to package that case in the entirety of Macedonian-Bulgarian bilateral relations. he said the president of Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, in an interview for "Thelma".

"We can discuss any announcement, I can discuss mine in which I made several elements, following the announcement of OJO Ohrid. First, I condemned an act of violence, which is aggravated, because the guy has serious bodily injuries. Secondly, I said that he is the secretary of the club of Bulgarians in Ohrid, because OJO Ohrid, not me or you, claimed that this is how the incident started, that they told him "you are not ashamed to be spelled Bulgarian". So I followed what an official government authority was saying, not the bazaar spinning tales. And finally, in the third part, I called on the competent authorities to clear up the whole case and the guilty, I am not saying who is guilty, to bear sanctions", explained President Pendarovski in his own statement that he released to the public after the incident in Ohrid in which he was beaten the general secretary of the Bulgarian club "Tsar Boris the Third", Christian Pendikov.

He says that in the announcement he did not mix politics, Macedonians or Bulgarians, but he stuck to the information that had been determined by an official state body - the Public Prosecutor's Office.

"I didn't see such a thing, objectively, from the Bulgarian side, where all of this immediately, but immediately, fit into the Macedonian-Bulgarian narrative that he was "beaten just for the sake of it", etc. It was a politicization of the case that, to be honest, I did not expect," the head of state noted.

Pendarovski also goes back to cases from ten years ago that were put in the context of Macedonian-Bulgarian relations.

"An example is the well-known case of Spaska Mitrova from Gevgelija, in which an argument over the custody of a child of two spouses, at that time when we did not have an aberration from negotiations with the European Union, was placed in the Macedonian-Bulgarian context, in those ethnic and political narratives." , Pendarovski points out.

Bulgaria these days withdrew his ambassador Angel Angelov from Skopje to consultations in Sofia, to which the Macedonian president replied:

"The Bulgarian ambassador left together with the boyfriend who was taken to Sofia for treatment. They later said that qualification would remain for a period of consultation. So, he was not called for consultations after two or three days, but on the same day, but it is indisputable that they remained for consultations", says President Pendarovski.

Who is Hristijan Pendikov, the beaten man from Ohrid that the whole public is talking about

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