Pendarovski: Mickoski is considered the successor of Vancho Mihailov

Speaking to the residents of Gjorce Petrov, presidential candidate Stevo Pendarovski said that the current ruling party has made mistakes so far, but they were individual and without malicious intent. "But compared to the opposition, our mistakes are minor," he pointed out.

"We managed to conclude agreements and solve a decades-old problem with our southern neighbor. We entered NATO, the most powerful military organization, and received a guarantee of security. We started the negotiations with the EU and we didn't lose our identity, we preserved our language", emphasized Pendarovski and added that the internal brakemen, the main opposition party for incomprehensible reasons wants to cancel all agreements, come to power and sell to the people fog.

In an interaction with the citizens, Pendarovski was asked for a comment regarding VMRO-DPMNE's claim that he stated that Gotse Delchev is Bulgarian, to which Pendarovski replied that the opposition is lying this time as well.

"I don't remember in the last 20 years that the first people of that political party told the truth at least once. So, whether someone feels like a Bulgarian or a Macedonian, that is a personal feeling and it is not interfered with. But how did he declare himself? We can see that from the numerous requests in their leadership, where more than half of their executive committee have Bulgarian passports and citizenships and they write there that they are from Bulgarian grandparents. So what do they want us to talk about? About the fact that half of the Executive Committee are Bulgarians, because they were declared as such, or about what happened 120 years ago? If those his closest collaborators in 2024 or 2020 declare themselves Bulgarians, what do we expect at a time when there was no Macedonian state, when we could not freely express our will? The Macedonian public should know that the president of the main opposition party considers himself the successor of Vancho Mihailov. Let me repeat one more time - so Hristijan Mickoski says that Vancho Mihailov was the president of the historical VMRO - that is today's VMRO. It was the same. If he feels, as Vancho Mihailov felt, as his successor, then he is also an ethnic Bulgarian," answered Pendarovski.


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