Pendarovski: I will join VMRO-DPMNE if Macedonians are included in the Bulgarian Constitution

Stevo Pendarovski, after receiving the support of SDSM in the candidacy for a second presidential term tonight at the Congress of the party, pointed out that "if VMRO-DPMNE manage to force the Bulgarians to change their Constitution and if they succeed Macedonians will be recognized in Bulgaria as a minority , he will be the first to join VMRO-DPMNE".

It is a matter of children's talk, added Pendarovski.

I expect a double victory, because the Macedonian citizens know that the alternative to what we are offering, with all the mistakes we admit and for which we have publicly apologized and will apologize, is a captive state, is the abuse of the administration of those who are not theirs , crime of enormous proportions and total isolation of the state from Euro-Atlantic integrations, said Pendarovski.

He added that with the alternative, Macedonia would be on the margins of Europe and would never become part of the EU.

Their thesis is, first we will come to power, we will try to economically put Macedonia on a healthy footing, and they tell the foreign ambassadors, in the second half of our mandate, we will try to reach an agreement with the Bulgarians. In what way - in a way that we will force the Bulgarians to change their Constitution, so that our Macedonians who live there can be recognized. I am telling them from here, if they manage to put the Macedonians in the Constitution of Bulgaria, to force the Bulgarians to change their Constitution, and if the Macedonians who are there in huge numbers succeed, to be recognized as a national minority, I will be the first to joined VMRO-DPMNE. And it is about children's talk, said Pendarovski.

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