Pendarovski to the volunteers: Stay engaged and act where it is most needed

Stevo Pendarovski
Stevo Pendarovski / Photo: Cabinet of President Stevo Pendarovski

In life, we are always most inspired by individuals who do something good without any compensation. Voluntary, sincere, dedicated and honest, motivated only by the desire to help someone in need, to offer comfort, to serve other people and the community to which they belong, is the message from the President Stevo Pendarovski, on the occasion of 5 December - World Volunteer Day.

In a video message, Pendarovski stressed that when millions of people are in a constant race for material wealth and power every day, without looking at those who suffer, the mission of volunteers is a rare occurrence in the world.

The President thanked the volunteers for their efforts and assistance in contributing to the common good.

"Let me, on behalf of all our citizens, express my gratitude and respect for your sacrifice, your responsibility and your commitment," he said in the video message.

The President encouraged them to remain engaged and to act where it is most needed and through personal example to restore faith in humanity and solidarity as preconditions for a happy and prosperous human community.

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