Pelister defeated Euro Nickel for the third time to reach the semi-finals

Photo: KFSM

After the two victories at home in Bitila, Pelister's basketball players reached the third and decisive point in the quarter-final series against Euro Nickel 2005, on the away court. They acted more confidently, they had a constant lead, in a good part of the match in "Jasmin" it was in double digits, all that was enough to close the series with (3-0) after a "short procedure". and schedule a semi-final series against the Rabotnicki team.

The first half passed in favor of the guests from Bitola. Bitolcani had a constant advantage during those 20 minutes. In the first ten, they had an excess of five points (20:15), and in the second, they doubled that difference, even more than that.

The team led by coach Darko Radulović went on the "big break" with high scores (42:30). Largely due to the efficient play of the duo Maslinko-Planinic, who combined 25 points in that part of the third quarter-final series. But also the all-round edition of Magdevski, who collected four points, five rebounds, and even six assists (he played less than 12 minutes).

The second half brought a much better game from Kavadarci. They opened it with six points in a series by Vranjes... It was followed by a three-pointer by Smith McSwain, and two more by Dubinsky, and in a few minutes Euro Nickel 2005 reached the level (45:45).

For a short time, because the series of Bitolcans came, of eight points in a row, to restore a solid advantage, (53:45). They succeeded in a pelistercide and rejected that attack of the hosts, and what was also good for them, Mijović also "appeared" in the pass, who in a short time reached 12 points (even though seven of them were from the free throw line), and keeping the lead (62:53), after three played quarters in "Jasmin".

After three and a half minutes of play in the fourth period, Pelister made a run (10-4) after which he took the lead (72:57). And Magdevski seriously came close to a triple-double effect. He already had 13 points, but also eight rebounds and the same number of passes.

A few minutes later, they were already out of reach for Euro Nickel 2005, those (60:79).

Pelister in three steps secures a semi-final and a series with Rabotnicki, who eliminated Phoenix 2010 last night, also in just three games played.

Magdevski stopped at the effect of 18 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists, and previously most of the task was completed Mountaineer, who had 19 points and 7 rebounds, Olive, who reached 18 points and 9 rebounds, and Mijovic who sent them with 14. realizations.

In the last game of this season, Dubinski scored 17 points (and five assists),Mladenovic gave 12, a Smith Mac Swain only ten points left for Euro Nickel 2005.

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