Pedro Sanchez: Sweden and Finland will attend the NATO summit in Madrid in June


Sweden and Finland will attend the NATO summit in Madrid in June, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said in Davos today.

Finland and Sweden applied for NATO membership on 18 May.

The Finnish Parliament with an overwhelming majority of more than 95% of the vote voted to join NATO, allowing Helsinki to submit a formal membership application to the Alliance headquarters.

The same day, Swedish Foreign Minister Anne Linde signed her country's application for NATO membership.

Finland and Sweden have historically been neutral, but Russia's invasion of Ukraine has radically changed public opinion in both countries for joining the North Atlantic Alliance. With the exception of Turkey, other NATO members support the two countries' candidacies.

US Ambassador to NATO Julian Smith said that Sweden and Finland could join the Alliance in the "next few months".

She said the Alliance had welcomed the demands of Sweden and Finland and believed that those countries "would make a major contribution to NATO".

The Alliance Summit will be held in Madrid from 28 to 30 June.

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