Petsakov: Whatever the Government decides, we will decorate Ohrid for the holidays

Ohrid for the New Year / photo: MIA

Ohrid will be decorated regardless of government decisions, says the mayor Kiril Pecakov.

He in a statement for TV21 said that Ohrid is not like other cities, but a tourist center. He says that if the Government makes a decision that the municipalities do not have New Year's decorations, he will not respect it.

From Struga, on the other hand, they say that they will decorate, but more modestly.

"The decoration of the city will be done with the decorations from previous years and with a more modest budget (which will be voted on at the next session of the Council of the Municipality). The central part of the city will be decorated, including the main bridge of Crn Dream," said the Municipality of Struga.

In recent years, many municipalities have given up on New Year's decorations, in order to divert the money to socially vulnerable families. For now, due to the energy crisis, there is still no decision - whether the municipalities will be allowed to beautify and light up the cities on the occasion of the New Year holidays.

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