The market inspectorate is in the field tonight after the Government's decision on products with a "guaranteed" price

Photo: MIA

The director of the State Market Inspectorate, Goran Trajkovski, informed tonight that the DPI conducts surveillance following the Government's decision to reduce certain products and called on citizens to report irregularities.

- Currently, the market inspectorate is carrying out inspections following the decision of the Government, which refers to the reduction of certain products, by at least 10%, calculated from the price of the products at which they were sold on August 1. Our responsibilities arising from this decision are the control of the prices of the products listed in the decision, explained Trajkovski.

This means, he added, that if a violation of the decision is noticed, it will be acted in accordance with the Trade Law, and the fines are in the amount of 800 - 10.000 euros, depending on the size of the entity.

Traders also have the obligation to mark discounted products with the "guaranteed price" label, which can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Economy.

- I emphasize that, as before, we will act without selection and there will not be any compromise because the protection of citizens' standards is at stake. Anyone who has broken the law, and is under our jurisdiction, will be held accountable in accordance with the offense committed. The decision is clear and there will be no deviation. I guarantee you that whoever does not respect the decision will be punished, and if necessary, the entity will be closed, Trajkovski pointed out.

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