The market inspection cannot close "Intermezzo" and "Mosh", there are no bosses to hand them the solutions

"Seal" of "Intermezzo" placed by the Market Inspectorate in 2020

And a whole week after the market inspectors sentenced them to a fine and ban on work for ten days, the Skopje cafes "Intermezzo" and "Mosh" are still working, it is written "".

They are not jailed even though they were fined last Friday for not respecting working hours and playing too loud music even after 1 am. After a large number of complaints from citizens, in a joint action of the Market Inspection and the Municipality of Centar, inspectors entered the coffee shops around 1.30:XNUMX in the afternoon and found that they were violating working hours. But a week has passed since then, and the bars have not yet been sealed because the owners do not accept the solutions and do not allow them to be closed, it is written " .

The Director of Market Inspection Goran Trajkovski claims that bars will be closed and that they must comply with legal procedures.

"Since the bosses don't want to receive the solutions, we sent them by courier. Now they are waiting for the deadline for them to close themselves, and if they don't, they will be sealed by us. There will be no concessions, everyone must respect the law and that will be the case in this case," says Trajkovski.

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