Pavle Belovski: Seventy percent of media workers are below the average salary in Macedonia

Pavle Belovski/Photo: "Sloboden pechat"/Mete Zdravev

The issue of salaries and standards of journalists and media workers in general is related to the absence of an organized dialogue between the two sides, between our union and the employers. Namely, this is due to the fact that in Macedonia there is no association of employers from the media industry, says Pavle Belovski, president of SSNM, in an interview with "Sloboden Pechat".

"Employers in the media industry are not unionized at employer level. From there, the worker, that is, the union, has no party to negotiate with, as the law provides. If such a branch in the chamber association is formed, it will be possible to negotiate and reach a collective agreement for which the Government will be able to mediate and be a guarantor through the economic and social council," says Belovski.

The president of the journalists' union, Belovski, believes that we are among the few in the economy where employers are not unionized, but union unionization, on the other hand, is very small compared to the experiences of the West.

Here, only 17% of workers are unionized, while for example in Denmark that percentage is 70 percent. Regarding the average salary, which the government says is now around 700 euros, Belovski precisely points out that even 69 percent of media workers are below the average salary in Macedonia out of a total of 3.240 employees in this industry.

See the full interview below:


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