Pavle Belovski: It is disastrous if a political force started to settle accounts with us journalists

Pavle Belovski/Photo: "Sloboden pechat"/Mete Zdravev

In an interview with "Sloboden Pechat", the president of SSNM Pavle Belovski also spoke about the case of journalist Furkan Saliu.

"It is unacceptable to delete the recordings from Furkan Saliu's mobile phone. Furkan did not violate any ethical journalistic rule because he announced that he was a journalist and from that moment they should have been aware that he was performing journalistic tasks to inform about the event he attended. He should not have been brutally thrown to the ground and pressed with his knee so that he could not "breathe". We as a union and as ZNM when we discuss this in mediation with the Technical Minister and he showed us an understanding of the whole situation and takes responsibility that he will fully review the case through the internal control in the Ministry of the Interior, and he has undertaken to review the method of application in force, assures Belovski.

"We condemned the public behavior of the Technical Minister of the Interior when he announced and presented the entire case through Facebook, because it is not of public interest," says Belovski.

"Let's not forget that Furkan is in the process before the public prosecutor's office and Furkan is threatened with a prison sentence if the prosecutor's office builds a case based on that criminal report and submits it to the court. From there, it is disastrous for a political force if it starts to settle accounts with us journalists, it is also disastrous for it, and it is also disastrous for the whole society", points out Pavle Belovski in an interview for "Sloboden Pechat".

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