Pavel criticized NATO allies for breaking their promises to Ukraine


The President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, today in Italy criticized the NATO allies, assessing that they betrayed the promises made to Ukraine and thus made its counter-offensive difficult, and that the West should give Kiev everything it needs in order to restore sovereignty and establish control of its borders.

"Anything less than that would be our defeat. And a Russian victory in the future would turn against us because it would strengthen their belief that they can achieve their goals by force and would encourage all regimes in the world to count on the weakness of Western democracies," Pavel said in an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere. works Serra".

Pavel, who previously headed NATO's Military Committee, warned that the West had not kept its promise to Ukraine to supply artillery ammunition and suggested that training of US F-16 fighter jet pilots was going slower than expected and that Germany was hesitant to sent "Taurus" missiles, which Ukraine expects, Czech media reports.

"This causes an imbalance in deliveries, and uncertainty on the Ukrainian side is not a good basis for military planning. This year, Ukraine had a chance for only one major counteroffensive. "They are expensive, laborious and long-lasting, two or three counter-offensives cannot be carried out during a year," Pavel said.

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