The Bitola-Mejitlia road, which is being rehabilitated, claimed the second victim

Photo: Sloboden pechat/ Vaska M. Mladenovska

The 26-year-old boy, a resident of Kravari, who had a serious traffic accident a week ago while riding a motorcycle on the Bitola-Medjitlia border crossing, died. This is the second victim on the road in a period of two weeks, after on September 16, in the evening, a 42-year-old man drove off with his vehicle and died on the spot.
Frightened by everything that is happening on this road, after several traffic accidents, two of which had fatal consequences, the German company "Kromberg and Schubert" addressed the public with an open letter.

In the open letter, which is addressed to all local and republican institutions, it is said:

- With this Letter, we submit a request for an urgent intervention for marking and signaling on the road Bitola - IZ "Zhabeni", which is currently still in the reconstruction phase. With the repairs, rehabilitation and reconstruction of the road, in a part that is still in progress, the road is currently unmarked and there is no signaling and marking on the road, which is why it is dangerous to use. We are aware that work is still being done on the road itself, but, unfortunately, several traffic accidents have already occurred, two of which resulted in death. That is why we appeal for immediate marking of the road. Due to the new layers of asphalt that have been installed, the height of the road is above the level of the sides along the road itself, and there are sharp edges that are not marked with a (end) white strip and when driving at night it is quite unsafe and it is not visible how far it is edge of the road. In addition to a white line, we appeal to install visual signaling with posts with reflective markers that light up during evening driving, or to install a complete protective fence, especially on the several bends in the road direction where visibility is further reduced. The need for intervention with signaling and marking is urgent because this road is extremely frequent - the German company "Kromberg and Schubert" warns.

Yesterday, the State Roads JP informed that the rehabilitation of the state road A3 section Bitola-Mejitlija in length of 12,5 km is in the final phase and currently work is being done on the asphalting of the second final layer, followed by the construction of the banks on both sides on the road and installation of traffic signals.

- The contract for the rehabilitation of the A3 regional road, Bitola-Mejitlia section, is implemented on the basis of revised project documentation by the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Adequate traffic signals have also been installed in accordance with the approved traffic time regime, issued by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The rehabilitation of the road with complete signaling is expected to be completed in about 30 days at the latest, that is, by the end of October - the beginning of November - say the State Roads Public Administration and appeal to drivers to adhere to the timed signaling and respect the recommended speed of movement.

The two victims that have occurred so far should set off the alarm, because it is a very busy road that leads to the villages of Kravari, Medzhitlia, Porodin, Egri, "Kromberg and Schubert" and IZ "Zhabeni", as well as the border crossing "Mezhitlia".

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